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What Is Biz Opp Detective?

The primary aim of Biz Opp Detective is to unearth realistic home business ideas for you that actually work in the real world.

Not pie-in-the-sky stuff. No big promises of million-dollar returns. Just ways to turn your spare time into cash. Businesses that any Australian — at any age — can start from your kitchen table in just a few hours a week to add a few hundred bucks to your income.

Crucially, these businesses would have to be scalable. That means the money you make from them would rise incrementally the more time you spend on them.

The idea, then, is that you have something you can build up in your spare time that may eventually give you enough money to quit your day job. Effectively, your ‘side’ business becomes your main gig.

Our second aim is to name and shame the crooks, scams and schemes that also, unfortunately, pollute the biz-opp arena.

Heaven knows there’s an awful lot of rubbish out there. Big, crazy promises of fast cash. The dream of being your own boss ‘next year’ from some ‘no-brainer’ scheme that makes all the right noises... but in reality is just some rubbish MLM scam — where you’re working hard to make someone else rich... and you rarely see the kind of money that can change your life.

It struck us that (apart from a couple of crappy, poorly organised forums) there’s no credible place in Australia where you can go to get good, impartial, independent advice on home business opps from experts who don’t have a vested interest in your cash.

So we’re stepping in.

Each month, our editors (Australian home business veterans with 50 years PLUS of experience between them) run the rule over the biz opps/seminars/courses/systems that are doing the rounds and give you their unbiased view on whether they are worth a crack or not.

You’ll be surprised. It’s not what you think. Our guys don’t just bash the spruiky stuff for the sake of knocking over an easy target. They’ll also look behind the hype. They study, research and provide a thorough analysis of whether or not you could actually make money.

And here’s a promise: we will not receive a SINGLE CENT in commission, affiliate payment or kickback from any biz opp we positively review.

This is a 100% independent service. We call it how we see it. Our impartiality sets us apart from everyone else in this occasionally murky community. If our editors say something is good — it’s because we genuinely believe it’s good. Not because we’re making money on the back end. The credibility of this new service is extremely important to us.

As a reader, you’ll be encouraged to write in and tell us about biz opps you’d like our editors to review.

We don’t believe you will find any other resource that can do what our new service can do for you. If you know of one, we’d love to hear about it. If not, then this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for.

Our goal is to make you wealthier... more independent... happier... and prouder... by setting up and running your own successful home business. We will work hard to help you make that happen — you have our word on that.

We’d love for you to become one of our first readers. It won’t cost you a lot of money to get these ideas. And, if at the end of your first year, you haven’t started your own business... or you haven’t made a cent from your endeavours, you should cancel your subscription — because we haven’t done our job.

That’s how strongly we feel about our goal to make you wealthier than you are now.

Biz Opp Detective contains step-by-step home business blueprints and ideas every month. Some are online. Others are traditional offline ideas. You’ll get a ‘how-to’ guide... plus our best appraisal of how much money you could make.

You will also learn more about becoming an entrepreneur: the risks, the costs, the business strategies, the commitment required... and the potential rewards this lifestyle offers — provided you’re prepared to put in the work to make it happen.

Plus you’ll build up a library of impartial, independent biz opp reviews from our experts — people you can trust to tell you the truth.

What is Fitzroy Press? What does Fitzroy Press offer?

Fitzroy Press is an independent publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. We are dedicated to helping Australians become independently wealthy, happy and free. Fitzroy Press was established in January 2014 and has since spawned seven titles, covering subjects as diverse as how to live overseas for half the cost of back home in Australia, to how to legally squeeze an extra five-figures from your annual tax return.

Fitzroy Press is independent. We have a remit to provide our readers and customers with the best, most useful and most interesting ideas we can in the areas of home business, financial independence, wealthy retirement, better living and self-improvement.

Fitzroy Press is a division of Port Phillip Publishing Pty Ltd. Fitzroy Press was set up to explore different ideas and themes to the mainly investment-focused services of Port Phillip Publishing.

We are part of the wider family of US publisher, Agora Inc. Agora was founded over 25 years ago, by best-selling author and entrepreneur Bill Bonner, and is one of the world’s most successful publishers of financial, health and travel newsletters.

Fitzroy Press currently publishes:

The Escapologist

A four-times-weekly email newsletter, sent to readers for free. We offer interesting, useful and entertaining ideas and thoughts to Australians looking to be wealthy, happy, independent and free – at any age.

International Living Postcards

A thrice-weekly email newsletter, sent to readers for free. Our global team of expats and correspondents will send you stories and tips about living overseas—in places like Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America and beyond—so that you too can travel, work and retire abroad.

Biz Opp Detective

A monthly newsletter filled with home business ideas. It’ll show you what you need to get started, what challenges you’ll face, and how much money, realistically, you could make. It’ll also name and shame the crooks, scams and schemes that also, unfortunately, pollute the biz opp arena. You can create a successful business working from home this year… Biz Opp Detective will show you how.

Tax Confidential

An exclusive report that reveals scores of LEGAL tax minimisation loopholes used by Australia’s super rich elite that you can use to save thousands of dollars in tax in the months and years ahead. Tax Confidential could help you shrink your annual tax bill by HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of dollars. Like everything, you just have to know how it’s done…

International Living Australia

A monthly newsletter that is sent to subscribers via email. International Living Australia is the Australian edition of the world-renowned travel, retirement and lifestyle magazine, International Living – a US publication that has been in existence since 1979 and now has more than 100,000 subscribers.

Wealth Builders Club Australia

An exclusive programme for Australians who are ‘Not Yet Wealthy’. Creator and wealth guru Mark Ford will show you how you can make seven figures in seven years from a standing start. You’ll get three private emails a week covering six wealth-building modules.

All our services are designed to provide you with ideas, insight, recommendations and analysis that you will rarely find anywhere else – at any price.

How often will I receive Biz Opp Detective?

Twice a month. Your main issue is published on the 18th of every month and you’ll receive a fortnightly update two weeks after that.

Do the ideas I’ll read about carry risks?

Any decision you make that might affect your financial life contains an element of risk. In any moneymaking or entrepreneurial endeavour there are some risks that you can control, and others you can only guard against. General economic factors: inflation, interest rates, stock or asset market value fluctuations are all risks to every kind of investment – whether stocks, real estate, commodities, art or fine wine. It is important to make well-judged investments based on thorough research in order to minimise your risk. It is also important to speak with a financial advisor in order to better understand these risks and market terminology to help assist you in making better decisions for your long-term future.

How do I contact the Biz Opp Detective customer service team with any questions about my subscription?

By email: cs@fitzroypress.com.au

By phone: 1300 559 359

By post: Attn: Biz Opp Detective

PO Box 713

South Melbourne VIC 3205